The Avondale

Occasionally a new tourer is born which others will seek to emulate – welcome to the new Avondale range!

This brand new Club Class range has taken 35 years to perfect, raising the marque to a new level. Since the Company’s foundation the Avondale range has always been the definitive tourer by which others have set their standard. The latest in an award winning family the new Avondales are justifiably proud of their award winning heritage which can be seen in each curve of the body. But it isn’t till you step inside a new Avondale that you will appreciate it’s true class! Fabrics and ‘apple wood’ furniture combine to give an unrivalled ambience of club class comfort and luxury.

Naturally the specification comprises a range of items to make your holidays special including a FM radio/cd player, directional tv aerial, domestic style cooker, microwave oven, duvet & pillows, loose fit carpets, remote control alarm system and fully sprung upholstery in a choice of gorgeous ‘Fall’ or ‘Poppy’ schemes. Not forgetting a complimentary set of glasses and two bottles of wine!

The Avondale range has always carried its ‘bird’ names with pride, the 2005 range continues this tradition with the new Avocet, Eagle and Osprey models. The new two berth Avocet features a beautiful lounge, practical kitchen and spacious end washroom. The new Eagle’s lounge is available with a choice of traditional straight or ‘L’ shaped seating. The rear sleeping accommodation features a transverse fixed bed and centre changing room with toilet and a separate lined shower cubicle. The Osprey’s traditional side dinette end washroom layout, boasts an amazing kitchen with fabulous work space, choice of traditional straight or ‘L’ shaped lounge seating and wonderful end washroom.

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